‘Chocolate Cake' a monologue

Hello, my name is Chocolate cake. 

I am your double fudge, Extra whip topping fantasy.  My rich Chocolate layers and creamy filling will exceed the most decadent of your desires. Ethereal as French lace you have imagined the waiter brining me out on a silver tray. My subtle little buds of chocolate icing peak gracefully upward, while the sweet, insatiable flavor I will leave on your pallet should complete the cocoa-colored fragments of a dream you'll never want to wake from. I know how bad you are craving me right now. Well here I am right in front of you, less than an arms length away. But this moment, the one you have fantasized about for so long is almost too good to be true. 

Take a few moments to sit back and contemplate your first approach to make it perfect. Well, don’t wait too long, you'll never get another chance like this.  Take your first bite. There you go. Taste my quixotic cream as it slides over your lips and fills your mouth. I can feel your body flush with anticipation of what will come next. The Boom, boom, boom of your heart is beating so fast. The warm sent of my aromatic juices fill you with lust and desire while the taste from your first bite teases and awakens sensations you didn’t even know you could feel. 

One more bite, swallow, you can take another.  There you go. Open wider, I thought you wanted me. Come on and prove it! Keep up, I am just getting started, wait until you see what I can do for you!  You are falling behind. Take some more! Faster, you had better catch up now!  What’s your problem can’t you handle me? You better start to catch on quick this isn’t kindergarten you know!  

What do you mean “enough”, I don’t think so... this isn’t just about you. You said you wanted me! You said you wanted it all!  So here I am, the best you’ll ever see. You are nothing. I am the one everyone is waiting to get a piece of! You are just another shmuck in a long line. I have a reputation to maintain, now open up! Where the Hell do you think you are going?  Get back her right now! Shut up you piece of shit, I am doing you a favor!  You should be thanking me you fat fuck.   We both know why you are here so sit back, open up and finish the damn job! 

Yeah, there you go. Come on, one more bite.  Yeah, take another bite. If you were handling this like I had thought you could we wouldn’t be having this little problem so figure it out and quit being so dramatic! Come on, open wider. You’re getting all red and puffy, quit gagging damn it! I am getting sick of this shit!        (BAM) 

Why did you make me do that? 

There you go, all most done. 





Wow, Now wasn’t that great!   Sorry, It got a little rough there. 

Hey, come on now why are you crying? I said I was sorry. Hey, Don’t you dare give me that look! Who the hell do you think you are! It’s what you came here tonight for tonight.  It’s what you wanted, It’s what everybody wants, It’s Chocolate Cake and I am the best and who’d listen to a loser like you anyway? 

@2001  M. R. Shebesta

(I wrote this piece in memory of a young guy friend in Highschool whom out of a desire for empathy asked me to explain the emotional effect of Date rape to him. I want to present it in a way that was gender neutral. This is a cleaned up version of how I described it to him.)

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