New Dress


Is when someone wakes up 


The wrong side of a bad dream 


Gets stuck 

On the back side of a sliding glass door 

They are left to listen 

To the twisted memories 

All the yesterdays lost to self-delusion 

Lightning cracks against the glass 

And breaks the darkness 

But dawn never comes 

Thunder rolls around the hallows of eternity 

But brings no end to the storm 

No clarity 

No daylight 

Slip in to the new dress 

The new you 

Hide away the cracks you found in the mirror 

Hide them behind your newly bought Wal-Mart smile 

Hide from the reflections that terrify you so 

Hold on to the hand of the little girl 

The little voice that speaks to you 

Whispers to you 

Inaudible mantras that spoil the silence 

That lulls all others to sleep 

There are no lullabies for you 

No quiet for you 

No sleep for you 

No sleep 

No sleep 


@2002 M.R.Shebsta

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