Plaid Skirt

Little paid skirts 


Cardigan pant suites 

Weaving colors 

Weaving reds and blues 

Blue beats red 

Water beats fire 

Fire beats the earth 

Earth beats down upon my body 

Black and blue 

“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust…” 

How does the rest go? 

Litter girls wear the blue plaid 

Big girls get the brown 

Good girls go to heaven 

Bad girls are very very bad 

Eating pomegranates in the bath tube 

Trying to keep the summers 

Heat away 

Barn sparrows 

Swoop and swirl amid the breeze 

While watching custard flavored clouds blow by 


Little girls 

Tomorrow is lost without another word 

“Smile, you look much prettier that way. “ 

Says Sister Agnes 

Passing by 

My old house on Wisconsin Avenue 

Remember the day we lifted the earth 

Pulled away the burlap 

Exposing the bare roots 



Ready to except the nourishment 

The sumptuous feast before them 

Crab apples present themselves as a bitter fruit 


If you ask me 

”I dare you to eat one and see for sure” 

Plaid skirts 

Waiving in the sunlight 

Bouncing on the play ground 

Counting out the rhythms of childhood 

Of innocence 


Jumping jacks 

Cartwheels and tag 

Johnny kisses Debbie 

Debbie kisses Luke 

Mommy kisses Daddy 

But is Daddy kissing me 


Plaid skirts 

Pleated just above the knee 

Pressed white cotton shirt 

New red pullover 

Little white plastic rosary 

And a blessing from you to me 


@2002 M.R.Shebesta

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