"I consider my work to be a conceptual social commentary. It is my theses." 

For a long time, I have suspected the general population avoids, is uncomfortable with others illness or disabilities because it reminds them of their own mortality. Mortality is the one thing we all have in common. I was born with a rare genetic disease. The collagen protein in my body stretches out, loses shape and breaks down. The connective tissue in all my joints and spine is tearing itself apart. My circulatory system has difficulty maintaining my blood pressure and no one knows what is going to happen next because everyone who has this disease manifests it differently.  I would say that has affected/inspired my art quite a bit. Since I was a small child all the different internal and external forces that shape us have fascinated me and inspired me to find the beauty in all of us. 

Ms. Shebesta has been showing and lecturing for the over a decade and  
is the founder of the national nonprofit art project “Ink Blot Project”   
a winner of the 2005 CAAP Grant award in Chicago, IL. 


CONTACT: mykoi13@gmail.com